school visits


Meeting and talking with young readers and writers is one of my favorite parts of being an author. 


Schools may schedule up to three events per day which may include any combination of the following: 

School Assembly

Classroom/library presentation

Lunch with an Author

Book signing


2020 Rates:

$500     30 Minute Skype Session

$1500   One Presentation and book signing

$2500   Two Presentations, book signing, and class lunch with author

*DISCOUNT available for holding a pre-order book sale


Offering students the opportunity to meet and hear from an

author is a great way to get students excited about books and

reading. I understand budgets can be tight so sharing a school

visit day with another school is a great way to make it more

affordable. I also offer a limited number of free visits per year.

Let me know if you think your school may qualify. 


Pre-event book sales can be arranged at a discount through my publisher or a local bookstore.

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