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Camille has lived in Israel, Utah, Arizona, California, Ohio, Nevada, and, last, the home of her heart and her ancestors, North Carolina. Camille’s interests are wide and varied. She always carries a small black notebook on her travels to far-flung places to record the stories she imagines (even on the days when “far-flung” is her backyard vegetable garden). She has her BA in Health Science, is an EMT and won 1st place in the school science fair as a kindergartner. For a rush of pure adrenaline she’ll tell you nothing beats a lights and siren ride on a fire truck. She’s addicted to the smell of a newborn baby, which may explain why she has six children! Dancing ballet for 14 years left her with an appreciation of beautiful things– warm fresh bread, a quiet sunset after a hectic day, a new picture book. She recalls feeling completely secure while reading with her parents and loves recreating that feeling snuggled in by the fire with her own children. Bringing to life the characters in her head is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

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