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Charlotte the Scientist is Squished by Camille Andros

Charlotte the Scientist is Squished
by Camille Andros
Illustrated by Brianne Farley
Clarion Books

ISBN-10: 0544785835

ISBN-13: 978-0544785830


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Charlotte the Scientist
c/o Clarion Books/HMH
3 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016

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★ "Perfect for aspiring scientists and fans of Vera Brosgol’s Leave Me Alone!—and a fine addition to picture book collections."

—SLJ, starred review

"Loads of charm methodically delivered."


"Andros’ science-laced text and Farley’s animated scenes, replete with amusing antics and hilarious facial expressions, will get kids laughing and learning... This playful lesson on problem-solving is packed with charm."




Charlotte is a serious scientist. She solves important problems by following the scientific method. She has all the right equipment: protective glasses, a lab coat, a clipboard, and a magnifying glass. What she doesn’t have is space. She has so many brothers and sisters (she is a rabbit, after all) that she is too squished to work on her experiments! Can she use science to solve her problem? This funny, satisfying story is a playful introduction to the scientific method and perfect for inspiring an interest in STEM subjects.